The relationship between LMI and LME

Published on 25 Jan, 2016

In an ideal world the next few years should see a transformation in the way careers education is conceived of and delivered. This should happen as the following combination of assets and conceptual developments have had the time to bed down and become better known and includes:

  • the involvement of the LEPS in building closer relationships between employers and schools
  • the involvement both parents and alumni through numerous schemes including mentoring and volunteering
  • the consolidation of labour market data sources and the showcasing of this through projects like LMI for All
  • the acceptance that blended approaches that put teaching and tech together enable new pedagogies to emerge
  • recognition that the careers sector has the intellectual weight to shape schemes of work and the segue into guidance

At its core is the riddle of the relationship between LMI and LME which I have been trying to crack for some time. But who will be the first to crack it at scale? My ideas about what we need to stop doing and how careers education can be reframed can be found here:

Why matching paradigms fail

A big idea for careers education