Thoughts and ideas about technology use in careers education

Andrew Manson

November 2017 update

Published on 21 Nov, 2017

With the help of some key people I spent between 2006 and 2016 recording case studies and working iteratively to develop the platform...

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LMI for All Careerometer

Published on 9 Mar, 2016

The Careerometer - compare salary and prospects using the LMI for All dataset

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Capture of the collaboration between Talking Jobs and Brightside Trust

Published on 27 Jan, 2016

‘Collaborating with Talking Jobs added real value to the NHS Online Mentoring project. The player provides an innovative way to introduce young people to a range of careers, broaden their thinking and challenge their preconceptions; and encouraged numerous valuable and insightful conversations between them and their mentors.’

Alice Gravells, Project Coordinator, Brightside

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The relationship between LMI and LME

Published on 25 Jan, 2016

LMI = Labour Market Information
LME = Labour Market Experience

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How do you see social mobility?

Published on 24 Jan, 2016

A very short animation about the directions we travel

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The LMI Onion gets sliced – a follow up to the #jobhack Cabinet Office Event

Published on 5 Jan, 2016

Or alternatively 'Job information made available to young people at street level'

As explored in my previous post The LMI Onion is a location sensitive app that pushes entry level employment opportunities to mobile devices conceived of as being used by 18-24 year olds struggling to get a foothold in the world of work....

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The LMI Onion goes to #jobhack - a Cabinet Office Event

Published on 20 Oct, 2015

Or the role of Big Data in helping resolve youth unemployment

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A big idea for careers education

Published on 12 Sep, 2015

I have always lived by the ‘sleep on it’ test. You have what feels like a good idea so you sleep on it and see how it feels in the morning. For me the same idea has been coming back for over 1000 mornings since it first hatched in a coffee bar with a manager from a nearby PRU.

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Social mobility misunderstood

Published on 22 May, 2015

A short animation that gets to the heart of all things CEIAG

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Why matching paradigms fail

Published on 22 May, 2015

Since the birth of careers work matching paradigms and psychometrics have been mainstays of the field. These tools are two dimensional identifying attributes or matching individuals to roles at a point in time...

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